We all are familiar with the conundrum when you enter a shop and can’t decide between two items. Sometimes, even after being familiar with your desired products, you’re at loss and can’t decide on your own. This, of course, is a human instinct to get hold of a better object and in some circumstances wants both. But no, not all get the chance to have two things at the same time. There is either this or that. So, this either invites you to a position where you have to put aside the emotions and just look at it objectively. Buying it with Kaymu, Clickbd or Pocketbd will let you know the major specs of the following Samsung Mobile phones. Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung OnePlus One.


Where both carry some advantages over each other and bear some shortcomings as well.

 Their General Properties involve:

Galaxy S6 OnePlus One
Release Date March 2015 April 2015
Weight 132g 162g
Colors White, Gold, Blue, Green Sandstone Black, Silk White
Processor 1.5GHz octa-core 2.5GHz quad-core

What can be gathered from the above information is that where the latter is a year old item, the former has just appeared in the town. So, those of you who want to have a slick device in your hand should look for Samsung Galaxy S6. Others who are more into delicate coloring can definitely have a go with the White Silk OnePlus One.



In terms of designing the internal framework of Samsung Galaxy S6 is said to be the closest to iPhone. In fact, some even go to the extent that the former is better than the latter.

But this does not mean that OnePlus One chassis is any less sleek or unattractive. But it is said to be less gaudy than S6.


For the Camera Lovers

There is a good news and there is a bad news. For those who want a good camera result, especially from the rear camera, then nothing can stop you from having galaxy S6. However, the problem with it is rather physical. The bulging camera from the rear is very unsettling for some users. If you’re okay with that, then all is fine.



As opposed to 15-megapixels camera of S6, OnePlus One has 13-megapixeles, which is not bad.


Operating System and Processing Power

Where S6 is android, OnePlus One is run by CyanogenMod, which is Android owned. So, essentially there is nothing different but some of the performing functions do differ.


Finally, the pricing issue. This is where many people have to skip the heartbeat. The famous adage that there is no such thing as free lunch stands true. Whenever there is gain, there is some price as well. The bottom-line is that if you can pay up to thousand bucks then there is no point in leaving Samsung Galaxy S6. However, if you’re low on budget then OnePlus One is your deal.