Referring to himself as a victim of cyber assaults of the world’s first cyber lioniski Monica urged to stop the persecution. In 1998, President Bill Clinton’s relationship with White House intern lioniskira world rocked. In the context of current social media madhyamasaha online cyber victimization Speaking publicly for the second time in the last 10 years of his past lioniski mouth.monica-lewinsky-at-ted2015

Vancouver, Canada, Ted (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference on Thursday, Just and unjust”titled session Speaking Monica lioniski urged all to stand against cyber assaults. Welcoming remarks at the conference lioniskira karatalisaha audience stood and paid tribute to the present visitors.mle

The 005 is a type of public life was lived in exile lioniski. In October last year after nearly a decade of silence, “Thirty Under Forbes’ conference for the first time, he spoke of his past life debate. The scale of the public presence of bhyanakubharera Ted sammelanai lioniskira 120605_9_bill_clinton_ap_328_605

“Twenty years old when I was 40 years peronora only people that do not want to go back,” he began to talk about himself lioniski trick. He said, 22 years old, I fell in love with my boss. 4 years old, I was confronted with its destructive consequences.shutterstock_99375410-e1374614332160-620x412

He said it was a shame about the Internet lioniski terrible. He said that in 1998, his relationship with the Clinton political spectrum, the range and the media storm that was legal, it’s never been seen before. He said, ‘And all you had to reach out to others through the digital revolution. “united-states-bill-clinton-and-monica-lewinsky-HD
In 1998, as now, online social networks, but the black hat (Barrett) Monica lioniskira picture dressed in the form of viral spread. Clinton-Monica scandal countless media reports as well as a variety of online web portal, with the spread of the great masters of writing humorous trick. E-mail Clinton-Monica scandal has spread world news.Monica1-e1413817932698-1940x1088

Recalling the time lioniski “A person janabyaktitbe overnight I had become one of the world afflicted by the public. I spread yaunabedana jade, intellectual woman and a prostitute called sarirasarbasba started. They were filled with stone-throwing minded bhacuryala whole world. “CAekYxXU8AEypJQ

Lioniski the ’17 years ago, there was no name. But we know now that it saibarabuliyim or online victimization. ”

UK charity Childline the last year saibarabuliyim or 87 percent increase in complaints about cyber violence. NSPCC charity work for children in another country, according to estimates of the five child victims of a cyber. A study last year in the Netherlands, young people have been injured in a cyber victimization suicides than in other cases.CAek7ZYUwAA4eJx

Lioniski Monica said, the technology is now being ashamed or embarrassed matters Sound-pratidhbanite sky spread in the air. He once said to his family, his school, his own village or neighborhood was limited, but it is now spreading into the whole online community. The more shame, more clicks and more advertising dollars. We’ll make money with human suffering. “session-9-speakers

Recently, the Hollywood celebrities nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence hacks such as the spread of online events lioniski mentioned. The prevalence of these mean, he was hit on the websites of these films 50 million. Internet people suffering and the pain of other people, he said, has been unresponsive. Finally, he explained his Personal Again you open your mouth at the end of this statement. Lioniski said the secret of his past time to stop walking, and others are now taken up by my own interpretation to it in time, so you (out of this persecution) was able to live. ‘