#1 Flattering Angles

Nobody looks as hot as they could when they’re posed the wrong way.
Quick Tip: Learn to pose with your best assets highlighted. For ladies, highlight curves, for men, highlight strong edges.

#2 Don’t Shoot Straight On

Straight on photos never come out as good as angled ones.
Quick Tip: Find your “best” side and work it!

#3 Keep It Natural

Everyone can tell a fake smile when they see it and it looks horrible.
Quick Tip: Always make the smile natural and enjoy your real expressions.

#4 Know Your Problem Areas

We all have that one “problem area” that makes us uncomfortable. Whether it’s your tummy or arms, know what it is.
Quick Tip: By recognizing your least favorite part, it will make the flattering angles easier to figure out.

#5 Fuller Lips

Your lips can get lost in the photo if you don’t do anything to highlight them.
Quick Tip: Smile with teeth showing or put some color on your lips.

#6 Bright Eyes

Sometimes we tend to squint too much when we’re smiling in photos and our eyes get lost in the finished product.
Quick Tip: If you want to highlight your eyes, make your smile a bit more gentle.

#7 Have Fun

If you want to take the best pictures, just be yourself. Have fun and don’t care so much about how you’re going to look.
Quick Tip: Just be yourself.