Becomes increasingly weaker US dollar in the European Union (EU) from 19 countries in the single currency, the euro. One US dollar exchange rates against the euro is now 1 to 6 decimal zero dollars, which is the lowest in the last 12 year.Ermittler schöpfen Millionen bei Kriminellen ab
Europe’s central banks in the region to get rid of the ongoing economic downturn, the European Central Bank (ECB), 1 million of 0 billion economic recovery package that the euro fell after the announcement. ‘Koyantitetibha ijim’ in the name of the six billion dollar package, the euro zone central bank plans to buy government bonds. Market to bolster the economy by increasing the supply of euros, making them the main objective of the program.
ECB announcement, the European currency traders to buy more dollars, experts believe that the euro is facing downfall. 014 from July 1 until the eighth month of the value of the euro against the dollar fell by 4 percent Twenty percent. Euro exchange rates 1 percent in July was $ 37.euro_1638177b
The increase in the employment news binimayamulye positive impact on the dollar. Nedaralyandasabhittika financial institutions rabobyankera senior currency expert Jane folio told the BBC in June, coming fall euro interest rate may increase. As a result, the dollar compared to other currencies in the world will become stronger. Greece is viewed as the continuing euro crisis. Equal dollar value of the euro in the country has gone.
Inject a positive role in the speed of the fall in the euro trade is expected. But how to deal with the European adverse effects fall, analysts think that could also become important.